Anxiety Relief Workshop with Gabby

I had the opportunity to listen to this wonderful workshop this afternoon with Gabby Bernstein about relief for our anxiety during these uncertain times! Gabby provided us with 6 tools in addition to meditation that can be helpful during these times when our anxiety is higher and there is so much unknown circulating throughout theContinue reading “Anxiety Relief Workshop with Gabby”

What Is Your Body Trying To Tell You? | FODMAP

Are you listening? I honestly feel like these last 5 years, thats what Ive been doing. Its quite talkative when I really pay attention – to the good and not so good. Key is to listen, and shift your lifestyle… I briefly mentioned in some previous posts that I had been working at cleaning upContinue reading “What Is Your Body Trying To Tell You? | FODMAP”

Just Breathe

On this gorgeous Friday evening I was sitting on my front porch with my dog, enjoying a drink in the sunshine. It’s so quiet. The odd vehicle goes by. Sure it is quieter than town, but as of lately, its eerily serene. As a true introvert I was completely welcoming of the slow down toContinue reading “Just Breathe”

It Gets Worse Before It Can Get Better

Think of anything you go and grow through, a lot of times it gets worse before it gets better. That’s the growth part. This afternoon we were outside cleaning up our yard from the various construction activities during the winter. It felt SO good to see progress. To also feel progress. For brunch (we enjoyContinue reading “It Gets Worse Before It Can Get Better”

A Patience Reminder

Earlier today I heard the radio announcer say that we were in a rainfall warning with up to 25mm of rain. I instantly went negative. The rain, and alot of it, is still a big trigger for me. The more I’ve learned about PTSD, the more dots Ive connected. We have all been through highsContinue reading “A Patience Reminder”

We can do this together đź’—

Without a doubt, we, as a collective in the world, will get through this current situation. A situation that, let’s be completely real, has never happened in our lifetime, perhaps not even our parents. Many of our grandparents were around during the war, albeit very different. I wont sugar coat it, this totally has myContinue reading “We can do this together đź’—”

World Peace Cookies

The world needs these cookies right now! “WORLD PEACE COOKIE”First off they are SO good!!! Chewy and soft but also has crunch – exactly what I love!Second, but the most important…World Peace 🙏💗Division and greed has become very apparent this past week as the world shut down. Walking into the grocery store seeing literally noContinue reading “World Peace Cookies”

Lean Into The Slow Down

I had to go to the grocery store to stock up on things we legit needed. The energy in the grocery store was honestly just gross. I went in knowing what I needed, with a list, my buckets and my freezer bag, feeling calm and confident, but also cautious. I left feeling so heavy, drainedContinue reading “Lean Into The Slow Down”

The light!

The light!Sometimes it’s easy to see, when you get stuck in the darkness. When the light suddenly feels so good.That was today.The warming temperature, rain that smelled so fresh and the light!The beautiful evening light!My soul felt so recharged!Mercury was also doing something this week, it was a full moon and its Friday the 13th!Continue reading “The light!”

International Women’s Day | 2020

“Shed the Armor of Excess Weight” – March 8th (Thriving As An Empath) As I opened the page to today’s daily message, my heart truly felt this, deeply. For years, this was me. “I don’t have to use excess weight as armor. Instead, I will practice meditation and visualizations to ground and protect myself.” WhileContinue reading “International Women’s Day | 2020”