The Opinions of Others

I was allowing the opinion of someone affect my energy and how I was feeling.

In that moment, I gave away my own power because of someone else’s words, their opinion.

I told myself it was no big deal, which it really wasn’t, yet it felt like such a heavy weight!

Someone else and their opinion stole time from me. The power of the mind is unreal! Even without logical thinking, someone’s opinion becomes truth?!


Then, finding out that the opinion of that person, which was causing me emotional pain… was actually wrong!

The “weight” lifts, almost instantly. Not because I have to be right, no because I enjoy living in my truths, which means living with both good and bad, real life and no judgment. I do very strongly believe everyone should live their own truths, by being honest, integral, compassionate and conscientious to the words they speak. To realize I allowed time to be taken from me, and recognize that I simply cannot do that anymore!

The only opinions that truly matter are mine! Even my own opinions, may not always be truth, this is why we must be open to lifelong learning, to always growing, as I tell my kids all the time, we learn something new everyday and it’s ok to “not know” something! ✌

Cheers on this Friday evening! 🥂👊

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