It’s all in the opinion!

It’s interesting I was thinking the other night about a famous person that person popped into my head because we had been watching one of her favourite shows, friends!

Someone who I follow on Instagram had posted about using an oil with their baby and also happened to mention that their baby was the night so I do have some experience with oil so I reached out to her and suggested a few other ones that she could try and I was thinking about how I may not get a response back from this quote in quote famous person.
Which then got me thinking who determines who a famous person is… you do. You determine who someone is that you look up to or admire or find inspiring.

We each in our own life determine who “is famous” in our life.

There are people who I feel are well known and famous, and yet someone else may say, “Who?”.

Here in lies the power. The power of our minds, of our subconscious. To believe whatever we choose to!

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