New Year New You 2020

I feel like this is becoming my “new year title”, because that’s what it really should be! Always striving to be better than the person we were yesterday (not someone else)!

We rang in the new year in a nice low key, great company, relaxed evening. I was given the gift of time to really get centered and grounded into my intentions for the new year.

Moving into 2020, carrying forward Authenticity from 2019 I will flow with ease and grace. As a result I know I will need to be much more purposeful with life. Enjoying every moment. Being my authentic self, is being the real me. In an effort to share my story as the architect of my own life, I want to feel like I can also empower those who may be facing any challenges.

Our family household and health shifted just over 5 years ago. I love the direction of this path and feel it came at the exact time I and we needed it most! During a challenging time in my life I lost my spark, direction, my health was a big frustration and I was unsure of my purpose. This journey has had me dive deep, truly listen to myself, to my body and how I am feeling to guide me both physically and mentally. To find my path, which proved challenging at times. Hint… follow your own heart and dreams, let everyone else follow theirs!

2020 is a year of flowing with ease and grace, completely natural without pushing or challenging, letting it happen.

Some of my biggest shifts I am striving towards…

  • Morning Routine – Journaling, Setting the Intention for the Day, Writing down any tasks that I need to complete. Everyday! My @dailygreatness journal is my sidekick for this!
  • Meal Planning – Our family thrives with organization, as well as healthy home cooked meals. My brain is grateful when these meals are planned for and we have the ingredients, everything flows so much better! Our meal planning tends to be different than what others do, which is ok! We like to plan out meals we will have that week and then go with the flow. Rather than holding to a strict meal plan we have some flex which works great with our family when our schedules can sometimes be shifted in an instance!
  • Mindset and Empowering! – This is a big one for me, for all of us. We are always learning! One big shift is how I am going to support my oily customers and clients! I truly believe education is power, we are all capable to learn whatever we set out mind to. I also respect time so very much, more than ever actually! Moving forward with my oil customers in 2020 I will not be updating in my Facebook group. Social media isn’t how I want to focus. I’ve made this decision for a couple reasons… the internet is FULL of info, much of the info being shared in a lot of groups circulates alot! I respect you and your time for not simply just duplicating the same thing over and over. My customers all receive an email with product info from doTERRA. For those of you who I’ve worked with, know I love to share REAL life. How we use our natural health care options and oils in real life. That’s how I want to empower. I will be available for assurance via email, Insta DM and Facebook on my page or PM! Plus I love blogging and photos, that’s me! That’s how I want to shine! That’s how I willbshine into 2020 and beyond. Being ME!
  • Follow Dreams & Visualize – This year is big for our family, it means finishing off some massive renovations in our family nest! A complete transformation that is truly us and becomes more us every single day! Visualize what you truly want, no matter what! Trust me the details will work themselves out, all in Divine timing!

My personal recommendations if you feel like you need direction…

  • What are you drawn towards
  • Who are you drawn towards?
  • How do you want to feel?
  • Do you enjoy writing?
  • Does your energy need to be shifted? How do you currently feel? I can honestly say when your energy is free flowing in your body, and house, you do feel different in a very good way!
  • Do you feel you need to work on anything in your life? Your gut response may be no. That’s your ego talking! We all have something we can improve in our lives.
  • Gabby Bernsteins Manifesting Challenge which just started today! You can join until tomorrow and it’s only $37! This challenge is for 21 days and will walk you through step by step, even how to be sure your desires are truly authentic! Check it out here Gabby is someone I was introduced to last year with her book, The Universe Has Your Back! Incredible book!
  • Invest in you! However that is for you. What is right for me, may not align with you and that’s OK! For me and my health, my body loves to be supported my natural ingredients, gluten free, lactose free and high quality supplements. Naturally supporting our health also with nature. Customizing our home to our lifestyle, yup consider this investing in you!
  • Let the energy flow in your home! It’s incredible how I can feel this shift now. Years of planning. Literally years, it began in our first house! Feel your heart. If you feel out of alignment, shift it! Been there done that! Honestly. In all the homes we’ve lived in, this home, especially now, feels like its us, it’s my heart, my heart is home! đź’— Shifting the energy can be as simple as decluttering, re-arranging furniture, changing paint colour, etc! When I got home yesterday, my husband had rearranged our living room, a way we had talked about the previous night and my first reaction to his suggestion was ‘No’. I quickly realized I was blocking my flow, and also by immediately responding with no to him, I was also blocking his. Similar experience when he told me his idea for the laundry mud room… I had to push past the “norm” and open up. Best thing I did because I LOVE our new space, it fits us perfectly! When I arrived home and saw the new arrangement, I could feel the energy flowing so much better, without visual blocks, opening up to even more ideas that has me so pumped! That also wouldn’t have been possible if I had stayed stuck in my previous mindset of a “traditional layout”!
  • Positive talk, such a simple thing to do but often forgotten. It can sometimes be easier to sink into a negative mindset, especially if someone around you at home, work or in your social circle is negative (yup also means social media!!!). When you feel yourself slipping into a negative mindset, shift it. YOU have the choice!
  • Be conscious of what you are doing, when you are doing it etc… goes along with the positive thinking. Learn to become more aware in all that you are doing! If you slip into negativity simply shift back, if someone calls you out on being negative, accept their support and shift where needed.

Honestly… do what works for you! It’s easy to follow what she or he might be doing. That’s when you loose yourself! Be real to you. Something my soul has been bursting at directing me in for a while now.

Welcome 2020! I’m so stoked you are here 🙌💕🙏


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