It’s all in the opinion!

It’s interesting I was thinking the other night about a famous person that person popped into my head because we had been watching one of her favourite shows, friends! Someone who I follow on Instagram had posted about using an oil with their baby and also happened to mention that their baby was the nightContinue reading “It’s all in the opinion!”

I took a night off!

I have had some heavy mama duties lately that has been heavy on me emotionally and this morning hit me physically. I am a very emotional, sensitive person and saying good bye to our Paisley was a very challenging thing for me. I posted earlier about our goodbye, ironically I have even felt closure. ComfortingContinue reading “I took a night off!”

Universal Synchronicity | Welcome Missy

Not long into the new year we had to say our final good bye’s to our beloved family cat. Miss Paisley had been with our family for almost 15 years and is dearly missed. My mom pointed out to me a local cat rescue, knowing that we would be open to welcoming a new furryContinue reading “Universal Synchronicity | Welcome Missy”

Goodbye’s are hard to do

Our sweet beautiful girl has joined her brother Elwood in Heaven.Although a piece of our heart is broken, our sweet, chatty little shakey girl, who sounded like a big giant and who never missed a treat, will forever be a part of our family.Paisley saved me when we were going through infertility, at only 23.Continue reading “Goodbye’s are hard to do”

2020 Intentions | Daily Greatness

2020 is off to a great start! I am grateful and thankful for the process I’ve chosen for this year. New Years Eve I spent some time journaling, going through 2019 and how I wanted to see our 2020 shape up. It felt absolutely amazing reflecting on both the good and bad that happened inContinue reading “2020 Intentions | Daily Greatness”

The Missing Pieces of the Puzzle

We are well underway with our next and final stages of renovations to our home. Its been a wild ride, but also so humbling. Yesterday was a big step in this process and as I stood looking at our house, this was my exact thought “This was the missing piece to our puzzle”. Truth beContinue reading “The Missing Pieces of the Puzzle”

You are not always right!

And thats ok… but at times that can be hard to grasp, depending on the circumstance. We learn from other people and their lives. We have the power to create our own ultimate life. Opinions can be very strong, but just because that is someone’s opinion does not make it “right”! Life lessons and learning.Continue reading “You are not always right!”