Ready to Welcome in 2020!

As the new year is upon us, my heart is feeling so very full! đź’—Sharing this life with my best friend and raising our kids. Our experiences traveling. Our family and friends. Our health and growth experiences. Our home. đź’“ As we release 2019 and move into 2020 I am so grateful for where lifeContinue reading “Ready to Welcome in 2020!”

There Is Always More Than Enough

I love home cooking! I also tend to begin to feel overwhelmed with the process, even before it begins! We had chicken out for dinner tonight. I hadn’t thought much about what to make with it, until I remembered my son had asked me to make chicken parm the other night. That night I cavedContinue reading “There Is Always More Than Enough”

Guard Your Heart | Keep Your Walls Up

Yesterday I fell into a trap. A negative trap. That as soon as I did, I knew it just sucked my energy down in a very big way! We were at a local hockey game, I left after the 1st period to grab some groceries and came back to see the last period. Unfortunately, IContinue reading “Guard Your Heart | Keep Your Walls Up”

The Up's and Down's

Making intentional shifts in your life can have it’s up’s and down’s. Especially as you are learning to navigate a new way of living. Labeling sucks. Honestly why can’t all products list exactly whats in it. Why can’t all companies be honest and ethical with the ingredients they use? I wont solve the worlds problemsContinue reading “The Up's and Down's”

The Power of Perspective

Yesterday late afternoon I was thinking about what a great day it had been. My daughter and I were SO productive accomplishing even more than what I had thought we could. Simply by doing it and not even thinking about it. Im a lists person and sometimes those damn lists can be the devil’s fuelContinue reading “The Power of Perspective”