“The Darkness Is Always There”

Got a call from my mom this morning, “lets take the kids to the movies”, my man child was heading to hockey vs the parents as their last hockey day for the 2018/19 season. So the girls got ready and headed out of town to the movies!

The movie we went to see was Wonder Park. I had never even seen a preview so had no clue what to expect, I was just hoping it would be good.

The room got dark and the movie previews began. The cutest puppy running across the screen. Within second my eyes were full of tears. A Dog’s Journey pulled on all of my heart strings. Check it out, grab the kleenex before you do. A beautiful journey of how a dog literally grows up with the same boy, man, father, grandfather and then grand-daughter. As a dog mom I truly appreciated this, with the various dogs we have had throughout our lives. When our boy Elwood passed, we had already agreed we would get another dog so I contacted the breeder and let her know we would like a yellow boy. My husband had his heart set on the one dad who was in the kennel, he wanted one of his pups because he reminded him of the dog they had growing up. I contacted the breeder and let her know of getting on the list and not even a week later she emailed us and let us know our boy was born. Becker was born on July 8th, our Elwood passed on July 2nd. Our girls Tara and Hazel, Kelsey is an incredible blend of both girls, of course with her own personality, but honestly their traits are so incredibly similar. My girl snuggled up with me when she saw the tears begin falling. I used to worry about hiding all my emotions from my kids, more so when they were a lot younger, its so healthy though for kids to know emotions are normal and something that you have to allow your body, mind and soul to feel. You need to allow expression vs suppressing how you are feeling. I was full out crying. But it was totally ok. I completely appreciated my daughters support, her putting her head on my shoulder. She has such a sensitive soul. We have always encouraged our kids to feel their emotions, use words to explain and figure out whats going on inside. Sometimes its tough even for adults to process how they feel, think of a child, who this is all totally new to. We need to model this for them, that its ok. Of course keeping it child friendly too. What you may say to a 12 year old you wouldn’t say to a 3 year old.

The movie, Wonder Park was completely new, I had never saw a preview and it unfolded incredibly. My take on the movie – which you will also see in the trailer is… when you loose your childhood magic – the darkness sets in. Always hold onto that magic of being a child. When life happens we begin to harden, hold in emotions, lash out at others, financial stress, family and house life etc… This can happen at all ages. Regardless of who you are, what you do or what you have. No one person has immunity from feeling darkness. Children and adults. The movie displays quite a moving display of losing the magic in your life and darkness sneaking in. Turning the light on your darkness and finding the magic and happiness again. But the darkness will always be there, this is a new part of you that is nothing to be ashamed of but more aware of. Nothing wrong at all with why or how the darkness happened. Once June began to put the hints together she was able to stand strong against the darkness and find that magic and joy again. It truly was moving. I absolutely loved the message. A growth and development journey.

Always be YOU! The true you – not who you “think” you should be or who someone else thinks or tells you you should be or do. Sit with it, WHO ARE YOU? Why are you so special? Hint – we all are in our very own way 😉 This is something that was hard for me. Hard to allow myself to think of just me. I don’t exactly know why but it made me feel selfish. Especially after having kids. I spent money on the kids, not on me. When I bought my first DSLR Camera, I was SO excited, I saved for it. It was expensive but I researched and had pro’s and con’s lists, received valuable feedback from my uncle and I made the leap. Best leap ever! Point and shoot up to a DSLR – whoa the quality, speed… with kids – AH Mazing! I was stoked but yet, I pushed myself back down, not wanting to feel like I had to justify HOW I got this camera. In a previous post I briefly talked about being a working mom. Something Ive always been, our work life has always been a part of our life, its integrated in our day to day. I am also grateful to be a working mom, this was one of my reasonings, however also not why I justify how I budget and spend my money. There are some things in life that are a priority to me and something I truly want, so I enjoy working and for me I appreciate contributing to the family, especially when I also appreciate quality and value. So even though I worked hard to be able to buy the DSLR camera, I still felt bad about it or that I didn’t deserve it…

The personal growth journey is real! Very real let me tell you. When you choose to step into the light, yup the darkness is always there. No matter what your darkness is or was, its always there. But when you step into the light – your life truly shifts. The gratitude you previously felt, magnifies.

When I heard this, “The Darkness Is Always There” it all began to make sense. If we all have felt darkness, who is anyone to judge anyone else’s darkness. We all process life, circumstances, healing etc differently. What might be easy for you, is challenging for them. The more we can step back from judgment, by focusing on our own life and simply living in love vs living in hate. People who spread hate and hurt – are hurt and refusing to accept that. Even people dealing with various challenges can still be good people – when they live in love. A beautiful reminder from another fav of mine, Gabby Bernstein with The Judgment Detox. I began reading this while on our the Disney Cruise – its an interactive read. Not one that was an “easy vacation read”. So its next on my list after I finish Energetic Boundaries by Cyndi Dale. Its so absolutely fascinating how the energy of our entire life from the time of conception, forms us into who we are today and how we can shift that and change patterns.

The darkness is always there.

Let your light shine!

Be proud.

The darkness is always there.

It helped bring out the very best in you!

Published by The Mystic Healing Artist & Intuitive - Pamela Zmija

Pam is a nature and lifestyle photographer, biz woman, number cruncher, oil lover, healer and most important, a mom and wife. She is passionate about inspiring and empowering mom’s and their families to become the true architect of their life to learn real, simple and affordable ways of positive change in their lifestyle to be healthier and happier… naturally!  Creative and conscious about the value of a dollar, Pam is driven by feeling good!   #lifestylephotographer #doTERRA #EssentialOils #YourLifeAsArtEssentials  #PCOS #MentalHealth #ADHD #ouroilylife #thehealingartist #yourlifeasart #naturephotographer

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