Lets Talk Cravings!

Let’s talk cravings!

I used to deal with cravings like this all the time. That’s when my guts were so unhealthy, I really didn’t know how badly. I would eat like this all the time. At least a few times a week and all the while felt horrible! No energy, digestive pain and issues. Health wise I was miserable and felt defeated.

My guts have done alot ot repairing and healing the last couple of years. I gave up pre-packaged foods and avoided take out as much as I could.

I used to think that I would be stuck living like this, not able to actually enjoy food without being in pain or uncomfortable… guess what I indulged in today?! So A&W Onion Rings are the best… they are massive with a very tasty dusting on them! I allowed myself to indulge and enjoy the onion rings! They were yummy! Before eating them I took a couple of these, TerraZyme. They are digestive enzymes and they have helped literally change my life. Anyone with digestive issues will understand what I mean! Also helps with the slice of cheese cake, home made pizza and wine I had last night (Happy Birthday Maddy round 2 🤣😍)!

I took a couple this morning with my LLV Supplements and then these 2 before eating the rings. Lots of water and so far so good!

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