Be an expression of your space

This week my creations arrived! I have been staring st blank walls in my space for far too long… it’s time (especially as a lifestyle photographer) to get some images and more memories up on our walls! This is just the beginning…

I went BIG!!!

For my office at the shop the canvas print is 30×40″ behind my desk. It’s the first thing I see when I walk into my office – eve when my desk has piles of paperwork and cards… phew I like a breath of fresh air!!!

Sitting st my desk and looking out… I also have a pretty fantastic view!

This image was originally printed with the intention of it hanging out in our basement… it however was destined for so much more 😉! It now hangs just outside my office at the shop and in my direct sight when I look up from my desk!

I envisioned the most beautiful landscape scene for both and once I had the trail hanging I knew exactly the image to grace the other wall. I love it so much… it’s the same large as life inspiring image creation in my office at home!

A beautiful 36×48″ canvas that instantly fills my heart and soul with inspiration to create, be productive and when frustration hits… to breathe and be still.

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