Parenting Without Expectations

A couple months ago I came across a video of Oprah and Dr Shefali. It began playing after a video I had chosen to watch. It was a thought provoking, inspiring, revolutionary video. So much in fact that after I listened to it that day at lunch, I listened again in the evening and againContinue reading “Parenting Without Expectations”

Be an expression of your space

This week my creations arrived! I have been staring st blank walls in my space for far too long… it’s time (especially as a lifestyle photographer) to get some images and more memories up on our walls! This is just the beginning… I went BIG!!! For my office at the shop the canvas print isContinue reading “Be an expression of your space”

When Life Happens

It’s ok to admit that we aren’t perfect or that we made a mistake… as adults it can feel harder to admit that but to our kids… its HUGE ! Huge to hear that yes Mommy made a mistake or had a tough moment during the day… but both are fixable and its OK! IContinue reading “When Life Happens”

When a woman heals herself…

A beautiful friend, who has also shared in her own personal development journey shared a quote the other morning that truly touched my heart.¬† I love how the universe brings us words, things and people into our life when they have the most meaning for us. Just the other night I was reflecting on howContinue reading “When a woman heals herself…”

Boost Your Immune System

This time of year its important for everyone of all ages (kids and seniors especially) to boost our immune system! Not just for the change in temperatures but also for the variety of foods we typically eat during the holiday season – especially those which contain more sugar! Sugar works against your immune system andContinue reading “Boost Your Immune System”

Get out of your head!

Can I be honest with you? When our kitchen is clean, I thrive, we thrive as a family. Things flow, fall into place and this mama starts her day calm and prepared. Being a mom, being parents, truly has been our best learning and living experience ever. Our children have taught us more than weContinue reading “Get out of your head!”