Serenity & Lavender Product Spotlight

Two oils that are a must have in any home… especially for living the ADHD Lifestyle like we do!

Serenity & Lavender.jpg

All things calming, relaxing and also great for headaches, muscle aches and pains, arthritis, skin, coughs and colds!

In our home we use serenity almost every single night either in the diffuser or for back massages (for the kids or us!) to help calm and relax the mind for a restful sleep!

Lavender is the Oil of Communication. It is a beautiful oil for supporting you to feel more positive feelings of open communication, relaxed, expressive, emotional honesty and heard.

Serenity is the Oil of Tranquility, with a powerful effect on the heart and mind to shift from tightly wound, into release and calm.

BOGO-Infographic-serenity,-lavender- (2)Lavender UsesSerenity

If you would like to order these oils retail please go HERE !

For the best pricing…. if you do not yet have a doTERRA membership please Get Started HERE!  If you need assistance there is more info here or please email me!

If you are one of my customers be sure to join our Facebook educational and support group! 

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