Productivity and Rest ~ Food for the Soul

The day before the work week begins is an important day for me.

Its a day where I reset and get ready for the week ahead.

A day where I feel best spent it accomplishing at least one task, enjoying some family time and some relaxing down time.

I love how I feel and how our week plays out when I honor this. When I honor my body and mind to reset and be my best self in the upcoming week.

This was my view this morning at 6am… beautiful way to start the day ❤



We spent our afternoon beautifying our front garden’s. Removing a lot of weed’s and getting it ready for a few new evergreen’s and mulch!

Feel’s so good and I am ready to start the week feeling a sense of accomplishment at our home and refreshed with a full heart!

Enjoy this week ~ I hope your’s is filled with love, light and laughter!