Baby Steps and Popcorn

As I made my kids popcorn last night, it hit me. We’ve been conditioned to think that “making popcorn” is… For the majority of people… throwing a bag in the microwave and enjoying butter and salt saturated orange or bright yellow popcorn.

That’s NOT what I made tonight. The kids asked for popcorn. I made them POPCORN.

In a pot.

On the top of the stove.

With oil and salt.

Thats it!

It was delicious! This is what popcorn is. The actual taste of popcorn with a boost of ground sea salt. SO good AND healthy for all of us. Even when we do add some butter to it!

The simplest change. By far. And its so good.

Baby steps my friends… baby steps and popcorn đŸ˜‰