Quick Fix or Long Term Solution

Have you ever heard something and immediately could feel the fire ignite in your belly!?

This morning while starting my work day I was listening to the radio and heard one of the political platforms talking about the importance of having a guaranteed income for everyone no matter what their age etc so they can afford to buy healthy foods.

In Ontario we already do have assistance for those who need it – do changes need to be made – YES – however that is not what ignited the fire in my belly!

I detest how the government politicians come out with these solutions to fix these “problems” without even looking deep at what the REAL problem actually is!

The government is the sole entity who approves what is allowed in our foods and products (beauty etc). The government holds the control to say NO to the crap that is going into and onto our bodies with the food we eat and the products we use daily in our homes. The government has chosen to approve these ingredients that ARE causing harm to our brain, body AND the environment. Even products the government has allowed to be classed as ORGANIC… do not have to be 100% organic to make this claim!

The government has the power to stop this, however their solution is another make work project and assuming that giving people more money will make them choose healthier choices.

I have REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE of how removing these chemical and toxin filled products from your home CAN make an impact.

I have and my loved ones have INVISIBLE ILLNESSES that are directly affected by the ingredients approved by our government to be in our food, beauty and cleaning products.


I have INVESTED IN MYSELF & MY FAMILY to make healthier choices in our home and everyday life.


Yes healthy is an investment – however being unhealthy and ill is a much heavier cost to your bank account, your body, your mind and our health care!

Its not about a QUICK FIX – its about creating a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE!

Over years of eating convenience foods, taking prescription drugs (which many just treat the symptom not the actual problem), drinking, smoking etc causes a build up in your body. This is a toxin filled build up which prevents your body from properly absorbing the nutrients from our foods. Someone could eat the healthiest organic diet, however if they have had previous years of using toxin filled products, taking prescriptions ( which yes are needed at certain times ) the nutrients will not properly absorb. How do I know this because I’VE LIVED IT!

If you are looking for a quick fix – this is what the government is trying to sell you on. This is not the solution. Ive been there. I was someone who was desperate to loose weight and I tried fad diets, products that promise (and give) quick weight loss results… these aren’t real solutions especially when many of these quick fix weight loss products include many of these products that are not good for us!

What do I feel the proper solution is?

Educating people on what LIVING A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE is, banning toxic ingredients from our food, cleaning and beauty products and actually standing up to create a LONG TERM SOLUTION vs a QUICK FIX!

This is what I decided for my life and my family. Saying NO to quick fix and actually EDUCATING myself and my family on supporting a healthy body. What Ive found is when supporting a healthy body in a healthy way, when you do indulge in something that isn’t as healthy for you – your body can rebound much quicker!

Healthy makes a happy brain and body which positively impacts
our mental and physical health! 


20 Ways To Use On Guard Essential Oil Blend

On Guard Essential Oil is one of our fav’s and most used in our home!

It is emotionally known as the Oil of Protection.

Check out these 20 ways to use our On Guard Essential Oil Blend!

20 Ways to use OnGuard.jpg


Welcome May! | 2018

I am excited to begin sharing my monthly promotions with you here every month!

For the month of May when you purchase 200 PV (product value) you could receive one or both of these awesome product promotions!

Place a 200PV order from the Canadian Warehouse you will receive a FREE 10ml Immortelle Roller!

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When you place a minimum of 125PV order by the 15th of the month you will receive a 15ml Rosemary!

Check out the benefits of these beauties below – we use them all the time! In fact we were running low on On Guard 😉

31543608_1694655227323116_8375418099599409152_n200pv US On Guard31357197_1618920588203509_8286806602091069440_n31337885_1618920644870170_4590833161931325440_n31531484_1694654477323191_4448619317222703104_n

How Do We Use?

How do we use these oils in our home… in so many ways!

Immortelle is not only incredible as a deodorant (and supportive to your lymph nodes!) its also smoothing to your skin and great for the appearance of skin imperfections. I like using this in my hand (its a roller bottle so just roll in your hand) and then add in my verage facial serum on top of it!

On Guard is used in the kids diffusers almost every single night, hubby mixes it up but a staple he uses the majority of the time is On Guard. On Guard in the diffuser is powerfully cleansing. Topically on our backs and feet if we feel like our immune system needs a boost or we are feeling under the weather. Internally to give a boost to the immune system. This blend is safe to ingest and very effective.

Wild Orange is one of my absolute favourites! Its so uplifting and calming. One I love to use in the diffuser at night. Its also cleansing so when you use it in your water or in the diffuser it will gently cleanse. Wild Orange is also great great to use for cleaning with water and vinegar or in a foam soap diy mixture. It is also supportive to the digestive system.

The toothpaste is incredible. I use it everyday and I love how clean my teeth feel!

The hand sanitizing mist is effective with the power of On Guard. Be confident that you are using a product to gently and effectively cleanse your hands while on the go!

Rosemary is incredible in the kitchen! I love cooking with it. Its also great to use to stimulate your brain in a blend with Peppermint and Wild Orange! Rosemary is also great for your hair!

How To Order



Benefits of wholesale…

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Once you are living a holistic doTERRA lifestyle you will get excited every month about investing in yourself and your family. I still do and its been almost 4 years!

As an option to customers, when you place a order each month you have the option to earn free products and earn product points for more free products 😉

We now choose to purchase products we would normally buy at the grocery store or pharmacy from our doTERRA back office. I am supporting my business as well as earning free products we use everyday.

Products such as our oils, supplements, shampoo, conditioner, hair care, facial care, first aid options, cleaning our body, home and clothes, lotion etc!

Curious about the Loyalty Rewards Program? I highly recommend you check it out…

Loyalty Rewards Highlights

If you do not currently have a wholesale membership and place an enrollment order in May of at least 200PV you will receive one of these product promotions with your first order! How awesome is that!?

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Ive been on a personal journey and doing a lot of reflection. In the past week I cleared thousands of email’s from my inboxes. Incredible the amount of them. In all honesty the amount I had in just one inbox was giving me all kinds of anxiety. Clearing them out felt so good!

It also got me thinking about my own personal values and how I want to ensure I bring that into my business life. As a mom I want to ensure my time is well spent. At this time in my life, newsletters are now clutter to me. Much like flyers are as well. There are a few that without a doubt I enjoy and read every time I receive them. However there are others that just suffocate my inbox.

If you are anyone like me who, as a resourceful woman, receives a lot of email – You are welcome! Because I made the decision that I need to be completely true to me and my values inside my business world.

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Moving forward you will find me in a much bigger presence here on my website and blog! I will also continue to use my Facebook Page and Group (group is exclusive to my customers and team) and Instagram!

As an ADHD Mom I know it can also be challenging to read through alot of info which is why I will also be incorporating a lot more videos into my online life and here on my blog!

I am SO excited for this enhancement and know you will find the value in offering you this space and value.

Cheers to May and a lot of amazing experiences!

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