When the mind shifts…

What is your intrinsic why? Ive been losing track of mine. Its far to easy to fall into the worry of how, vs the faith of why. These past couple week’s Ive had the pleasure of working with a personal development coach and have attended some events and training. They’ve really begun to push me!Continue reading “When the mind shifts…”

I do what it takes

It really is incredible how life unfolds and things begin to fit together – yes both good and bad. People who cross our paths, life experiences, songs on the radio, signs we see on our journey, numbers even. Everything happens for a reason for what we are attracting into our path. A couple songs haveContinue reading “I do what it takes”

Boost Your Fertility | Women’s Health

Are you trying to get pregnant? Are your cycles all over the map? Are you dealing with pain and discomfort? I was challenged with Infertility years before doTERRA. Thankfully we were blessed with two beautiful children but it was HARD emotionally and physically on my body. In 2011 I had a hysterectomy due to toContinue reading “Boost Your Fertility | Women’s Health”

Are you getting an income tax refund? Invest in YOU!

If you are… its the perfect opportunity to invest in YOU this Spring with your income tax refund! I would love to support you in living a healthier life with our oils! From my own experience, when we make healthier choices of what we put in and on our body – we are healthier, whenContinue reading “Are you getting an income tax refund? Invest in YOU!”

When I Feel My Anxiety Levels Begin To Rise

My anxiety levels have been increasing lately, slowly but surely. I could feel that I was feeling ‘off’ however kept telling myself “its not a big deal”. Change IS a big deal. Even when change is good. Even when change is “small” Change, I am realizing is challenging to our family – even when itsContinue reading “When I Feel My Anxiety Levels Begin To Rise”

AromaTouch Diffused Kit | Essential Oils & Diffuser

Are you ready to incorporate doTERRA Essential Oils into your home?  Let me introduce you to this beautiful cost-effective kit which includes 8 of our popular oils, Fractionated Coconut Oil (for topical oil use) a diffuser, resource book AND a full year wholesale pricing of 25% off any future purchases PLUS personal support and on-goingContinue reading “AromaTouch Diffused Kit | Essential Oils & Diffuser”

But “Healthy Products” Are Expensive!?

How many times have you heard “dōTERRA is expensive”? Or what about “being healthy is expensive”? Quality matters in all areas of our life – in our home, for our bodies, our food, the clothes we wear, the beds we sleep in, furniture we sit on, plans we fly in and vehicles we drive! QualityContinue reading “But “Healthy Products” Are Expensive!?”

Always Follow Your Heart

There are times in life when we may feel pulled, in one direction and the next. When life is pulled in various ways, sometimes by surprise. One thing Ive learned is that, although some things may be challenging, everything happens for a reason. I am a big home body, our kids thrive by routine, IContinue reading “Always Follow Your Heart”

In The Eyes Of A Child

I truly love just sitting listening to our kids. Listening to their opinion, point of view and dreams! Last night I over heard my hubby having a chat with our daughter. So of course I had to snap this photo. We are beginning to wrap up our main floor living space and kitchen reno. ItContinue reading “In The Eyes Of A Child”