Silence Is A Virtue

This evening I had over 2 hours alone to do some Christmas wrapping!

The past few days everything has been swirling around in my head of where things were, what we had bought, what was left to get and wondering when I was going to have some “responsibility free” couple of hours to get it done!

My hubby was home with me for a bit, long enough to make us a home made guacamole (yes woth oils!) before he got called out on an emergency call. After he left it was me, the dog, cat and bird… in complete Silence!


I love my kids. I adore them. My family is my rock.

Tonight, however, having time in complete Silence was absolutely refreshing. To get “all those things” swirling around in my head in anticipation for the holidays out and done!

At one point I considered turning on the tv and watch my pvr’d Young and the Restless since I was home alone… however my goodness… Silence is golden!

Feeling so grateful to my parents taking the kids for the evening! 💓

It was exactly what I needed to feel a bit more grounded.

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