Celebrating Goals and Reaching Up in this Journey of Life

I received a beautiful journal from a friend and mentor about closing off 2017 and opening up into 2018. To write about my challenges, forgiveness, growth, celebrations, happiness and where I am headed in my life!

To properly heal in every area of my life, finally, I need to always continue looking forward, looking up!

It’s the same for all of us. If we let that one (or two) nagging past experience or challenge influence the way we live our life, we are perpetually stuck in that space in time.

Looking back at any negative experience is exhausting and consuming, unless it is to look back on the life lesson we’ve been presented with and see the opportunity to grow!

So as we welcome 2018, I welcome so many great things into our life. People, experiences, health and happiness 💓🦋.

I celebrate what was, the life experiences necessary to get here and grow even more into my true me!

What are you doing to close off this year and open up to the goodness that is on its way?

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