Fall Essentials with Pam – Online Class

Pam Zmija, a local health and wellness advocate, is hosting “Fall Essentials” on Saturday November 4th at 9pm with the goal of teaching people how to stay safe and healthy this Fall with Essential Oils.

“One of the greatest times of year to incorporate essential oils into your life is Autumn because of the various diffuser recipes, DIY products, and even specific ways to cook with oils. In addition, many people suffer from seasonal threats and there is no reason to get stuck in this challenge when essential oils might be the solution. During our time together, guests will learn the various ways to make Fall even more wonderful by using essential oils,” says [firstname] [lastname]. [firstname] continues, “Each person who uses Essential Oils has their very own individualized experience and will also have the opportunity learn how to enjoy the many benefits of the Essential Oils lifestyle at our upcoming event.”

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This event will take place on ONLINE in the exclusive Facebook group – Your Life As Art Essentials Community.

If you are interested in learning more about this event, please request to join the group and visit [HERE]

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The Flu Is NOT A Season


Its an inability to ADAPT due to
DECREASED SUN exposure, and WATER intake with
INCREASED sugar intake and stress!



The Flu Is Not A Season - 2014 January Winter.jpg

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