Melaleuca/Tea Tree & FREE Purify| Monday July 17 DoTERRA BOGO 

​MONDAY BOGO – Melaleuca/Tea Tree and FREE Purify!!!

🌿🍃Monday July 17🍃🌿

Buy 1 Tea Tree and get 1 Purify FREE!

#30152113 $24.24 wholesale $32.33 Retail Canadian or $20.14 wholesale  $26.85 retail US Pricing

Want to purchase a Kit with FREE Wholesale Pricing and ADD ON BOGOS go to to get started now! 🙂

Limit 5/account

Ways to Purchase

🌞Log on to your account and add #30152113 to your shopping cart, then process now!  Each deal is only available for one day.

Join my exclusive group now!

🌞Message me and I can add it to my group orders, I’ll be ordering around 12pm and 4pm each day… free daily shippin

🌞If you hold a wholesale account you pay wholesale $$

🌞Arrange group orders for your family and friends on your dōTERRA account.


💚 Anti fungal combats nail fungus amazingly!

💚 Anti bacterial – use to wipe down surfaces

💚 Cleansing for skin – supports blemish free complexion and dries out acne

💚 Purifies the air of threats and pollutants

💚 Supports healthy immune function

💚 Supports clear breathing and respiratory function

💚 Great for hair and scalp health

Tea Tree (Melaleuca) – the oil of energetic boundaries. Disinfectant by nature melaleuca, also known as tea tree oil, clears negative energetic baggage.

Top Properties: antiseptic, antibacterial, anti fungal, antiviral, decongestant.

Top Uses: cuts/wounds, viruses, bacteria, athletes foot, candida issues, acne, ear infection.


🆓Excellent at combating odors

🆓 Protects against environmental threats, pollutants, and purifies air

🆓 Soothes bug bites

🆓 Can be used to wipe down countertops – cleans naturally

🆓 Add to laundry that day too long (mildewed) before drying for a fresh scent

🆓Replaces harmful aerosol room fresheners

Purify – the oil of purification will assist individuals in releasing toxic emotions and entering a cleansing state.

Top uses: kills germs and microbes, air/odor cleaning, uplifting, bug bites and stings, add to laundry, deodorant, cleaning.

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