I Sell doTERRA Essential Oils – How Can I Help You?

So… you’ve heard about Essential Oils!

They sound interesting… but you are still unsure to try something new – I totally get it!

Would you have 30 minutes of your time that we could chat on the phone, online or in person?

I like to keep things really simple – what the oils are , how they work and how to get them in your home!

Im here to support YOU ! There are no monthly fee’s or requirements! You can order what you want, when you want to! There are major savings as well as a FREE wholesale membership opportunity with our kits! You aren’t required to sell anything – unless you want to! Simply enjoy the products, be healthy and enjoy the wonderful wholesale perks, team education, access to our private group for on-going support and savings of up to 55%!

Are you ready to get started? PM me, Comment below OR Email me at pam@yourlifeasartphotography.com to set up a no obligation 30 minute appointment! Our oils are for everyone in your family! and yes even& !

Want to get your oils on their way NOW… Amazing!
Go HERE www.mydoterra.com/pamelazmija to select your membership type and kit!

Once you purchase your oils I will send you a welcome email to get you started! I am very excited to help you get started on your own doTERRA Journey of Health and Happiness!

Join our exclusive Facebook group here! https://www.facebook.com/groups/yourlifeasartessentialoils/



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