Did You Know Our Gut Health Affects Our Emotions!

“Scientists link gut bacteria to anxiety disorders”

​I am an example of how getting control of your gut health can change your life. Emotionally and in my case also physically! Feeling so much better than I have in a very long time! What’s really cool is I still have a lot to learn and I find that SO fascinating! 

Did you know that kids who have had multiple prescriptions at a young age could have a wide range of negative behaviour and health issues. Scary! 

With the amount of young people who are suffering from depression, anxiety and other mental health illnesses and the way many of us eat, can you begin to see the link? 

One thing we have changed in our home is processed food. In the past we didn’t eat it often however would still “indulge” in chicken fingers, fries, meatballs, stuffed this and stuffed that. Really “good” things as a treat. Then we began renovations and this was becoming much more often. We’ve changed that by investing in a beautiful low oil use deep fryer to make home made fries.  We are planning better and even with “quick” meals we aim to keep them as healthy as we can. 

I’m noticing a healthy shift in our family with this change. Positive movement forward all while still enjoying some indulgences… Like cheesecake and wine on mothers day 😍

Read more about how “Scientists link gut bacteria to anxiety disorders”  http://shr.gs/CV2lKlb

One of the supplements I now take daily along with my vitamins, minerals and omega is our TerraZyme! I’ve found that by taking this supplement I am now able to eat out the odd time at restaurants and not have ill digestive effects afterwards. I have however, personally chosen to stay away from “fast food” restaurants to more positively support my nutrition and body. Anyone who has had digestive issues, IBS etc will completely understand why 😣! 

DigestZen TerraZyme is a proprietary blend of 10 active whole-food enzymes that are often deficient in cooked, processed, and preservative-laden foods. DigestZen TerraZyme includes a variety of whole-food enzymes that help with digestion of proteins, fats, complex carbohydrates, sugars, fiber, and other food nutrients.* It also supports optimal health by promoting more efficient digestion of food nutrients and by reducing the demand for internal production of digestive nutrients, thus freeing resources for optimal levels of metabolic enzyme production and activity.* Product Spotlight: DigestZen TerraZyme® Digestive Enzyme Complex (Source)

  • Delivers a balanced and comprehensive blend of digestive enzymes to support normal digestive processes*
  • Take Terrazyme with you while traveling and trying new restaurants to make sure stomach upset doesn’t slow you down*
  • Take Terrazyme daily to support and enhance your body’s natural digestive processes*
  • Terrazyme will help you enjoy the benefits of a healthy diet by helping to ensure that your body gets the nutrients it needs*
  • Supports healthy digestion and metabolism of enzyme-deficient, processed foods
  • Speeds conversion of food nutrients to cellular energy
  • Promotes gastrointestinal comfort and food tolerance
  • Supports healthy production of metabolic enzymes

DigestZen TerraZyme can be taken daily with meals, as needed. Depending on what type of meal you are eating, you can adjust the dose. For a more hearty meal with more fat or foods that are enzyme deficient, take up to 3 capsules. For lighter meals, such as a salad or fresh foods, you may only need 1 capsule.
(Source http://www.doterra.com)

If you would like more information please reach out I would love to help support you! These supplements are only $39.75usd wholesale for 90 capsules and are worth every penny!!! 😄 There is still 2 weeks left in May to receive 50 points for FREE in the month of May!!! Please click on Contact Me above! 

Published by The Mystic Healing Artist & Intuitive - Pamela Zmija

Pam is a nature and lifestyle photographer, biz woman, number cruncher, oil lover, healer and most important, a mom and wife. She is passionate about inspiring and empowering mom’s and their families to become the true architect of their life to learn real, simple and affordable ways of positive change in their lifestyle to be healthier and happier… naturally!  Creative and conscious about the value of a dollar, Pam is driven by feeling good!   #lifestylephotographer #doTERRA #EssentialOils #YourLifeAsArtEssentials  #PCOS #MentalHealth #ADHD #ouroilylife #thehealingartist #yourlifeasart #naturephotographer

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