Connecting With The Kids | Evening Oil Massages

My kids love oil massages. I love that even as they are getting older we can still connect this way. The other night they needed a little bit ‘more’ emotional support. I followed my own intuition to select the oils to use with them. It absolutely warms my heart that they enjoy our nightly oils and that we can connect with these massages when their bodies and souls need a little bit ‘more’ love ❤

Balance – The Oil of Grounding. The perfect combination of tree and root oils. Positive properties of body connection, stability, perseverance, self contained, grounded and inner strength.

Clary Sage- The Oil Of Clarity and Vision. Clary Sage dispels darkness and illusion, helping a person to see their limiting belief system. Positive properties of Clarity, intuitive, open minded, imaginative and spiritual.

Frankincense – The Oil Of Truth. Frankincense invites people to let go of lower vibrations, lies, deceptions and negativity. Positive properties of enlightened, loved, protected, wisdom, spiritually open and connected.

Melissa – The Oil Of Light. Melissa oil awakens the soul to truth and light. It reminds individuals of who they truly are and why they came to this earth. With positive properties of enlightened, joy of living, integral, spiritual connection, contagious enthusiasm, liberated and optimistic.

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