Citrus Bliss, Patchouli and Grapefruit Diffuser Blend

This mornings diffuser blend. 2 drops each. 

💛 Citrus Bliss – The Oil Of Creativity. “Firestarter” for creativity, motivation and drive. 
Affirmation: I walk ahead fearlessly, sure my blind side is covered.

💜 Patchouli – The Oil Of Physicality. Supportive in becoming fully present in the physical body.

Affirmation: I give thanks for all I created and for all I am.

💙 Grapefruit – The Oil Of Honoring The Body. Grapefruit teaches true respect and appreciation for one’s body. 

Affirmation: I shine in all I do. I allow my unique style to come forward and be seen.

#DiffuserBlend #CitrusBliss #Patchouli #Grapefruit #EssentialOils 

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