Quantum Lightweaving | My Experience

When a colleauge and friend of mine asked if I was interested in a Quantum Lightweaving Session I jumped at the opportunity. I was open and excited about this, researched and learned about what it is, listened to an interview with the practitioner who would be doing the Quantum Lightweaving and most of all openedContinue reading “Quantum Lightweaving | My Experience”

Where Our Path Leads Us… I Am The Architect of My Life! 💕

Our emotional and physical health can sometimes feel like it’s taking over every part of our life when we don’t feel good… Emotional scars can feel like weights preventing you from living your true potential. I know and understand.   Be easy on yourself.  We all have a journey that we are on, each andContinue reading “Where Our Path Leads Us… I Am The Architect of My Life! 💕”