This Is Us

This evening as I was preparing for my one on one in our home I began to feel myself tensing up and getting a little anxious.

As many of you know, we have been doing renovations to our home over the past year. Add in children’s activities, our own interests, work and the many unexpected challenges along the way, the process although has taken longer is resulting to be even more than we could have ever anticipated. With these renovations however things are here, there and everywhere!

In that moment I could feel the anxiety level creeping up I was able to fully recognize it and stop myself before it completely took over. I stopped and actually said out loud… This Is Us!

Our home, although slightly in chaos right now, is us and as any parent would understand – even without renovations and just young kids… life is far from perfect!

So I took a step back, relieved myself of the pressure I was feeling and let our current situation be OK!

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