Buy 1 Peace Touch Get 1 Cheer Touch FREE!!! | doTERRA Day 6 BOGO 

What a beautiful way to finish out this BOGO week! Cheer is one of my daughters favourite oils and Peace is a bedtime favourite for all of us or beautiful to calm and relax! 

Buy 1 Peace Touch and receive 1 Cheer Touch FREE!!! Available to Canada, United States and New Zealand.  Australia can order through the US warehouse to receive this BOGO! 

Peace and Cheer are part of our Emotional Aromatherapy line and are exquisite! 

Striking the proper balance between protecting sensitive skin while still delivering the benefits found in essential oils is not just a matter of science, but also of art. doTERRA Touch has achieved that balance. Featuring oils in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil, doTERRA Touch makes application simple with 9 mL roll-ons. It is ideal for children and adults. They’re ready to use so that you can start benefiting from essential oils immediately. Enjoy the convenience and benefits of doTERRA Touch! (
With this line doTERRA created this emotions wheel to make it as easy as possible to find an emotional you are feeling and know which oil can be used to target those emotions! Peace is a beautiful blend of floral and mint (peaceful child blend…) and is beautiful for calming. Cheer is a blend of citrus and spices and is wonderfully uplifting! Click HERE to learn more about the Emotional Aromatherapy line of essential oils! 

In today’s fast-paced society, it’s easy to feel anxious, overwhelmed, and fearful—no matter what your age. doTERRA Peace Reassuring Blend of floral and mint essential oils is a positive reminder you don’t have to be perfect to find peace. Slow down, take a deep breath, and reconnect with the composed, collected you. Use doTERRA Peace Touch Reassuring Blend to promote feelings of contentment, composure, and reassurance when anxious feelings overwhelm your emotions.


    Give yourself peace of mind by rubbing doTERRA Peace Reassuring Blend into your temples.

    Apply doTERRA Peace Reassuring Blend to tense shoulders.

    When experiencing anxious feelings, apply one drop to hands, rub together, and inhale deeply. 

    To calm an upset or restless child, apply to bottoms of feet. 

Primary Benefits

    Promotes feelings of peace, reassurance, and contentment

    Counteracts anxious and fearful emotions

dōTERRA Peace® Reassuring Blend Uses and Benefits: Essential Oil Spotlight
Emotionally Peace is known as the Oil of Peace. People thrive when they are connected to the divine, being more at Peace allows that connection.  With positive properties of feeling peaceful, serene, contentment and still. 


doTERRA Cheer Touch combines Fractionated Coconut Oil with the sunshiny, fresh aroma of doTERRA Cheer essential oil blend—providing a perfect application method for children and those with sensitive skin. This convenient and gentle roll-on can be applied to the skin to counteract negative emotions and provide a boost of happiness and positivity when one is feeling down. The fragrant blend of citrus and spice essential oils in doTERRA Cheer Touch will brighten any moment of your day.


    A cheerful heart is good medicine. Rub doTERRA Cheer Touch over your heart.

    Keep your chin up by rubbing doTERRA Cheer Touch into the back of your neck.

    During winter time, apply to wrist and smell throughout the day for an uplifting aroma.

    Apply to the bottoms of the feet of a child who needs a boost of positivity and cheerfulness.

Primary Benefits

    Promotes feelings of optimism, cheerfulness, and happiness

    Counteracts negative emotions of feeling down, blue, or low


doTERRA Cheer® Uplifting Blend Benefits and Uses: Essential Oil Spotlight
Emotionally Cheer is known as the Oil of Cheer.  Helpful for individuals who feel heavy hearted and weighed down by challenges of life. With positive properties of feeling hopeful, comforted, faithful, cheerful, uplifted, joyful and determined! 

Also don’t forget… 

For more information be sure you are in my Your Life As Art Essentials Oil Community on Facebook – Click the link to request to be added! This group is open to anyone on my team who is currently active or was in the past as well as anyone brand new to doTERRA wanting to order oils and who could also save 25% on orders! The group provides and community atmosphere of education and support! 💗


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Published by The Mystic Healing Artist & Intuitive - Pamela Zmija

Pam is a nature and lifestyle photographer, biz woman, number cruncher, oil lover, healer and most important, a mom and wife. She is passionate about inspiring and empowering mom’s and their families to become the true architect of their life to learn real, simple and affordable ways of positive change in their lifestyle to be healthier and happier… naturally!  Creative and conscious about the value of a dollar, Pam is driven by feeling good!   #lifestylephotographer #doTERRA #EssentialOils #YourLifeAsArtEssentials  #PCOS #MentalHealth #ADHD #ouroilylife #thehealingartist #yourlifeasart #naturephotographer

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