Cilantro, Peace and Thyme | Sleep Diffuser Blend

Check out this combination for a diffuser blend! Its not what I would call a typical ‘sleep’ diffuser blend, is it!?

I used the Essential Oil Cards Plant Spirit App for my bedtime diffuser blend last night – Incredible sleep! The Emotional meaning behind each oil is incredible!

Cilantro, Time To Pollinate. Affirmation: It’s time to feed, to fertilize the seeds I have planted.

Cilantro is the Oil of Releasing Control. A detoxification of negative emotions and energy. This oil is emotionally very cleansing, liberating, feeling lightened and at ease.

Peace, Tranquil. Affirmation: I allow peace to enter my life and guide me forward.

Peace is the Oil of Peace. Emotionally supportive for feeling peaceful, serene, content and still.

Thyme, Gut Check. Affirmation: I check in with my gut and take care to follow where and how it leads me.

Thyme emotionally is the Oil of Releasing and Forgiving. This oil is one of the most powerful cleansers of the emotional body and assists in addressing trapped feelings which have been buried for a long time*. Emotionally supportive of forgiving, tolerant, emotional release, patient, open-hearted and understanding.

*Emotions and Essential Oils 2015

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