Surrender, Truth & Abundance | Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

Outstanding diffuser blend this evening. Followed my intuition to what I was drawn to. Wild Orange, Frankincense and Wintergreen! 

Emotionally Wild Orange is the Oil of Abundance. Supportive in feeling abundant, playful, generous, spontaneous and creative! Supportive to a healthy immune system. Cleansing, purifying, energizing and calming. 

Wintergreen is the Oil of Surrender. Emotionally supportive of feeling teachable, able to let go, Inner strength and relying on the divine. With a sweet, uplifting aroma. 

Frankincense is the Oil of Truth. Providing strength to feel enlightened, loved, protected and spiritually open. Frankincense is also very supportive of the immune system as well as healthy cellular function. 

Two oils I absolutely love, 1 I rarely use. They are an absolutely incredible combination in the diffuser together! Calming, fresh and grounding. Another gorgeous blend selected by my intuition. 

Sweet Dreams Diffuser Blend
Diffuser blend of Abundance, Surrender, Trust & Communication. With Frankincense, Wintergreen, Wild Orange and Lavender. Incredibly grounding and peaceful. Have an amazing evening my friends! Sweet dreams.  

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