Realising Your Inner Child with Abundance | Diffuser Blend

​When the kid in you needs releasing. Ready for a pause in adulting and responsibilities that come with it. Longing to just sit back and literally do nothing as a family. That time is approaching and I am almost giddy with excitement, yet so very calm and serene.

Such a gorgeous blend! 2 drops each of Petitgrain and Wild Orange. 3 drops of Ylang Ylang.  

Ylang Ylang, The Oil of The Inner Child. Positive properties of freedom, playful, intuitive, heart healing, emotionally filled, joyful and accepting. 

Petitgrain, The Oil of Ancestry. Posiive properties of balanced, pioneering, chain breaking. 

Wild Orange, The Oil of Abundance. Positive properties of abundant, humorous, playful, generous, spontaneous, creative and joyful. 

#YlangYlang #InnerChild #DiffuserBlend #WildOrange #Petitgrain #Abundance #EmotionalAromatherapy #GoodNight #EssentialOils #OurOilyLife #YourLifeAsArtEssentials #HomeRenovations #MakingOurHouseAHome #PCOSMom 

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