Grapefruit, Purify, Smart and Sassy | Diffuser Blend

​Looking for a unique fresh diffuser blend? My son intuitively selected this blend for us tonight. 

Grapefruit, The Oil of Honoring the Body. With respect and appreciation of one’s body. 

Slim and Sassy / Smart and Sassy, The Oil of Inner Beauty. Positive properties of worthwhile, self acceptance, individual beauty and inherent value. 

Purify, The Oil of Purification.  Feeling clean, refreshed, purified and emotional breakthroughs. 

An absolutely gorgeous blend aromatically and therapeutically with these amazing emotional benefits! 💗

#DiffuserBlend #KidsLife #OurOilyLife #EmotionalAromatherapy #Intuition #Intuitive #SlimAndSassy #SmartAndSassy #Purify #Grapefruit #YourLifeAsArtEssentials 

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