When It All Makes Sense | Turn Your Mess Into Your Message

I picked the kids up from school today and literally within minutes of arriving home my little lady was a big ball of emotions. We walked through the door, the kids were doing what they had to on their chore list, Carson had begun unloading the dishwasher and Maddy melted.  While driving home I wasContinue reading “When It All Makes Sense | Turn Your Mess Into Your Message”

Making a Healthy Change | Baking With Essential Oils

Anyone who knows me knows baking is a rare occurrence in our home. In fact its so rare that when I told my family (a few years ago) I bought a Kitchen Aid many of them laughed at how much it would be used. Ok they were right, it hasn’t been used very much… UntilContinue reading “Making a Healthy Change | Baking With Essential Oils”

Wellness Prosperity Events | Natural Health Winter 2017 

Happy Sunday all!  If you are curious about doTERRA and why our Essential Oils are the best in the world, why doTERRA is the top MLM Business in the US and how it became a 2 Billion Dollar company… join us at a Wellness Prosperity Summit!  Whether you are a user of essential oils, shareContinue reading “Wellness Prosperity Events | Natural Health Winter 2017 “

Back On Track | Myrrh, Ylang Ylang and Grapefruit 

We’ve spent a relaxing evening after another fulfilling week.   Our boy had an awesome opportunity to experience outdoor ed with his class for 3 days/2 nights! He had a blast! I’m so full of happiness knowing how excited he was to go and how much fun he had.  After 3 days away though, outContinue reading “Back On Track | Myrrh, Ylang Ylang and Grapefruit “

Cough & Cold… Naturally! 

​Thursday morning I woke up feeling like I hit a brick wall! 😫 Exhausted, sore throat and stuffed up!  Of course I reached for some of my fav’s for supporting my body through a cough and cold!  I used these with my unscented lotion and applied on my chest, neck and behind my ears thoroughlyContinue reading “Cough & Cold… Naturally! “