Clear Vision Generational Loving and Trusting Diffuser Blend

​These oils are used in a blend that has me by the heart. So I played with the oils and have found an amazing experience on the mind and soul.  It’s my clear vision generational loving and trusting diffuser blend. With Geranium, Douglas Fir, Bergamot and Clary Sage they are a powerful combination emotionally andContinue reading “Clear Vision Generational Loving and Trusting Diffuser Blend”

Winter Living Magazine Available

​The Winter 2017 Living Magazine is now available! Perfect timing with the amount of snow we now have! I do truly love the blanket of snow, especially in time for Christmas!  This issue features: • Spikenard and Eucalyptus essential oil spotlights • Homemade cookie recipes • Your new gym bag makeover  • Essential oil guideContinue reading “Winter Living Magazine Available”

New Year, New You Online Facebook Class

Stop Settling, Start Accomplishing There is an overabundance of information on goal setting, yet, most people will admit that they fall short of their desired outcome each year. Why is this the case? I personally do not think it is a lack of desire or the inability to find the right strategy, but rather IContinue reading “New Year, New You Online Facebook Class”