Happy New Year 2017

As I sit here and reflect on the past year I am reminded of just how precious life is and time with loved ones. The growth and love we are ultimately capable of with compassion and caring hearts. The year was a mixture of both good and bad. Truthfully much like every year. However withContinue reading “Happy New Year 2017”

Your body truly knows! | Diffuser Blend

​These unexpected surprise blends always surprise me! My son chose by what he was directed to, yup my 10 year old followed his energy to these 3 oils! Not the most common however the impact was outstanding.  Grapefruit is known as the Oil of Honoring the Body. This oil is positively supportive of your bodyContinue reading “Your body truly knows! | Diffuser Blend”

What their minds and bodies need! | iTovi

We spent a very relaxing day at home yesterday spending the afternoon with their Grandad Zmija and a visit from their aunt. A much needed day to reconnect and recharge our batteries.  Last night before bed they each got an essential oil massage. We used the iTovi to tell us which oils the kids bodiesContinue reading “What their minds and bodies need! | iTovi”

In The Middle of a Difficulty Lies Opportunity

In my own personal development over the past couple years Ive worked hard to over come some of my own emotional blocks and limiting beliefs. Although some days, weeks and months are personally harder than others given the fact that life happens. One thing I have learned is that what we think, is what weContinue reading “In The Middle of a Difficulty Lies Opportunity”

My Newest Your Life As Art Wellness Service | iTovi

It’s arrived! I am SO excited to announce the addition to my Your Life As Art Essentials Wellness Service! My iTovi arrived last week!  This is a small tool which measures frequencies in your body with technology like fitness devices with sleeping and exercise. Very cool how it measures the frequencies in your body andContinue reading “My Newest Your Life As Art Wellness Service | iTovi”

Clear Vision Generational Loving and Trusting Diffuser Blend

​These oils are used in a blend that has me by the heart. So I played with the oils and have found an amazing experience on the mind and soul.  It’s my clear vision generational loving and trusting diffuser blend. With Geranium, Douglas Fir, Bergamot and Clary Sage they are a powerful combination emotionally andContinue reading “Clear Vision Generational Loving and Trusting Diffuser Blend”

Winter Living Magazine Available

​The Winter 2017 Living Magazine is now available! Perfect timing with the amount of snow we now have! I do truly love the blanket of snow, especially in time for Christmas!  This issue features: • Spikenard and Eucalyptus essential oil spotlights • Homemade cookie recipes • Your new gym bag makeover  • Essential oil guideContinue reading “Winter Living Magazine Available”

New Year, New You Online Facebook Class

Stop Settling, Start Accomplishing There is an overabundance of information on goal setting, yet, most people will admit that they fall short of their desired outcome each year. Why is this the case? I personally do not think it is a lack of desire or the inability to find the right strategy, but rather IContinue reading “New Year, New You Online Facebook Class”

Roman Chamomile 

It’s arrived! My doTERRA Roman Chamomile has arrived!!!  Truth be told I hadn’t even smelled Roman Chamomile until it arrived 😉! It is however in a lot of blends we use, so without smelling it specifically, I have enjoyed this beautiful oil!  Last night we enjoyed a bedtime diffuser blend of Roman Chamomile, Frankincense andContinue reading “Roman Chamomile “

You Are Invited To A Unique Business Opportunity… 

In my 2 1/2 years using doTERRA Essential Oils and Products I have truly been blessed with a unique opportunity!  Are you someone who appreciates quality, is open to learning and making positive health changes for yourself, your family and people all over the world. Would you love to be a part of a powerfulContinue reading “You Are Invited To A Unique Business Opportunity… “