Empowered Femininity | doTERRA Diffuser Blend

My evening oils consisted of Women’s Blend, Wintergreen, Ginger and Calming Blend – Serenity.

I used the Spirit Plant Cards ap and their “My reading” option.

I then read in the Emotions and Essential Oils resource book.

Women ‘s Blend is The Oil of Femininity. This blend supports a woman with feeling kind, accepted, teachable and adaptable.

Wintergreen is The Oil of Surrender. This oil “can assist a strong willed individual in letting go…” and has positive feelings of inner strength and relying on the divine.

Ginger is The Oil of Empowerment. This oil can emotionally support someone who feels stuck or on a negative path of blame and misfortune. Ginger has positive emotional support of feeling empowered, purposeful, capable, accountable and responsible.

Calming Blend – Serenity is The Oil of Forgiveness. “Calming Blend has a powerful effect on the heart…”, “When an individual expects too much from others, Calming Blend can relax their perfectionistics expectations”. Calming Blend is emotionally Calming of feelings, accepting, forgiving, compassionate, receptive and tender hearted.

This is tonight’s diffuser blend. 3 drops of Serenity, 3 drops of Wintergreen and 1 of Ginger with Whisper on my wrists and neck.

Truly amazing how our bodies know what we need emotionally. We are drawn to the oils which our bodies emotionally need support with.

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Pam McLellan Zmija
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