doTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program | 30% Canadian Deadline – June 30th

Hello to all my oily lovers!

Hope you are enjoying this gorgeous day – haven’t we just been spoiled with this amazing weather!!!

As many of you know, when the exchange rate hit us Canadians hard last summer doTERRA introduced an automatic loyalty rewards level of 30% for any Canadian who opted into their Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) from July 1 to June 30th 2016 – how awesome of them huh!

This is your friendly reminder that this amazing offer is coming to an end… as of July 1st anyone who opts into the LRP will begin at a points level of 10% which will increase every 3 months and after 13 months will hit the 30% level.

This post is long and detailed, so please take your time to read through it. If you aren’t yet enjoying doTERRA products at wholesale pricing and would like to please contact me – the link is at the bottom or on my Contact Me page above 🙂

What is the Loyalty Rewards Program?

This optional program is designed to reward you for purchasing monthly with doTERRA. So for example if you make a purchase of 100PV (product value) you would receive 30PV back in points! These points are used just like dollars to purchase products! Ive literally built up my collection with points!!!

This program is available to EVERYONE who is enjoying wholesale pricing!

Initially I was nervous about the program having to buy each month… however what is so fabulous is all you need to order is 1PV to retain your points level. So as long as you order something each month on your auto ship you retain your points level of 30%.

LRP Explained



doTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program?

With the LRP this is the BEST way to purchase from doTERRA.

If you enroll in this program before March 31st you will earn back 30% on your order – so if you place a 50PV order you will receive 15 points PLUS you also get your shipping back on all your LRP orders! So if shipping is $12 – you get 12 points.

Some suggestions…

If you truly do not “need” anything… if you want to keep your 30% points and any points you have accumulated. Simply place an order for something small. For example…

  1. Lip Balm – 4PV
  2. Tooth Paste – 5PV
  3. Do you know someone who might enjoy trying Lemon or Wild Orange? 11PV
  4. Bar of soap
  5. Pro Biotic

These are just a few suggestions of ways you can continue earning your 30% LRP Points even when you really don’t “need” anything.

If you would like to earn back points – you do so when your order is 50PV (product value) or above. The points will then be deposited in your account the middle of the month following.

We personally place an LRP order monthly

  • oils
  • lotion
  • hair care products
  • facial care products
  • laundry detergent
  • cleaner concentrate & soap
  • adults and kids supplements
  • I also make our own foam soap, cleaner (vinegar, water and oils) and my own deodorant so I use oils in all of these recipes.

The beautiful thing about all of these products is they are made with these beautiful oils from doTERRA!

Here are some helpful links for the Loyalty Rewards Program 
• Placing LRP orders –
• Editing & Deleting an LRP –
• How to redeem LRP points –

If you would like to chat more about the Loyalty Rewards Program or have questions I am happy to help via email, phone or in person!

Contact Me HERE 



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