Seasonal Discomfort got you down? | Birds & The Bee’s in Springtime

Amazing weather… but for some it makes them literally want to scratch their eyes out!
Seasonal discomfort got you down? The birds and bee’s can do their thing and you can still enjoy the beautiful weather too!
A unique equal blend of Peppermint, Lemon and Lavender to help soothe any seasonal discomforts so you can enjoy every moment of this gorgeous weather!
These oils are often combined together to support the respiratory system especially with seasonal discomforts. With the combination of these oils they help support and balance the body for clear breathing and a healthy inflammatory response.
The oils I use and highly recommend, can be used together in a veggie capsule, combined in a roller bottle and applied to the feet a couple-few times a day when needed or they can also be enjoyed in a cool mist diffuser with a couple drops of each oil.
Thoroughly enjoy this Spring and Summer without the worry of discomfort with a natural, safe, therapeutic option for you and your family.
Curious? Email or comment below for more info!
Seasonal Discomfort PowerOfThree

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