Happy Valentines Day ~ Amour Diffuser Blend

Personally I’m not big on Valentines Day, however I am a lover of spending time with my family and love my essential oils so this diffuser blend I had to share 🙂 Up early this morning and already in the diffuser, a wonderful scent for our home today and bonus its cleansing the air too ! White FirContinue reading “Happy Valentines Day ~ Amour Diffuser Blend”

Roll your way to being empowered in your home – for all ages!

In our home we use our essential oils daily through topical use and aromatic diffusion. For some of them that means morning and night we apply oils topically on our bodies to assist in emotional balance, well being and to support our bodies natural functions. One, which is a favourite to be applied topically isContinue reading “Roll your way to being empowered in your home – for all ages!”