Why Essential Oils? This is my Why!

Ive had some people asking, Why Essential Oils, do they really “work”, “are they just a fad?” “Can they really help me?” “Will it be a waste of money…” Ultimately this is a decision you must make on your own to be open to learning and the possibility of natural health and wellness … howeverContinue reading “Why Essential Oils? This is my Why!”

Winter Has Arrived – The First Snowfall of Winter 2015/16

Winter has finally arrived in the most beautiful way! Im certainly not a cold weather person, however this is a wonderful way to start winter! Being the end of November is even better 😉 Such a gorgeous sky I woke up to early this morning. Combined with the diffuser blend of Cassia, Douglas Fir andContinue reading “Winter Has Arrived – The First Snowfall of Winter 2015/16”