So very much to be thankful for ~ Family, Fall Weather, Diffuser Blends! | Thanksgiving 2015

I love reflecting on the past year at every holiday. A true reminder of how far we can come and the happiness we can open our lives to.

I simply adore the fall season! The colours, how rich and deep they are. The air is so fresh and crisp.

What an amazing fall evening!!! #Autumn #FallColours #OilyPhotographer









From my family to yours – take a moment this weekend and truly count your blessings! Life isn’t about what we have, its who we have in our lives. Spending time with our loved ones enjoying life! Living in the now and appreciating what is to come. Capturing the love and fun, creating memories for years to come. Take time to reflect on yourself. What is holding you back in life and what can set you free. Everyday is a gift and an opportunity to create a memory ❤

I am so very thankful for our family, our friends and the life we have been given. Filled with love and growth.

I am especially thankful for my own little family of 4. They truly are my world and what I was meant to be.

Happy Thanksgiving and all the best!

Fall Diffuser Blends

Enjoy some of these fabulous diffuser blends this fall! I just LOVE the way the deep scent of the essential oils cleanse and fill the house !


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