A Love That Began 14 Years Ago | May 6, 2015

Each year as I reflect on the past years together – WOW 14 – I am amazed at not only how far we’ve grown but also everything we’ve over come.

Each day truly is a journey together and everyday a new page added to our book of life. We’ve shared a lot of love, a lot of tears, a lot of trials and tribulations… most importantly we’ve become stronger not only as a couple but each as individuals. We’ve grown as people, as husband and wife and father and mother. Most importantly we’ve grown a pretty amazing little family. We’re far from perfect and life certainly is never easy, but we share a pretty awesome life together with of course all the good out weighing any bad or sad times 😉

For today and forever… I love you to bits and look forward to many more years together. XOXO

For the silly man that you are who our son completely takes after … LOL I love you!

Just like this flower, which grows and blooms and changes with each season, so does our love. Everyday is always a new adventure, Im so thankful I have you by my side on it!


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