Living in a small town farming community | If you ate today – thank a farmer!

Across the road from us we have a field of corn, down the road more fields just filled with grains and beans. The sky this evening was almost mesmerizing with the clouds, slightly overcast yet a gorgeous light grazing over the field. IF YOU ATE TODAY – THANK A FARMER!

Gone But Never Forgotten… We Miss You Grama Zmija

10 Years ago today, we said a very tough good bye. After such a hard fight, Diane went to join her mom in heaven. There isn’t a day that goes by that we do not think of you, wish you were here and yet are comforted knowing you are watching over our family, especially ourContinue reading “Gone But Never Forgotten… We Miss You Grama Zmija”

Happy 3rd Birthday Becker! | A Dog’s Life

Today our fur man Becker turned 3 years old! Truth be told, this is a very bittersweet week for us. Just 5 days ago our boy Elwood passed away, 3 years ago. Today on the day of our boy’s birthday, his best friend Hazel passed away, 1 year ago. RIP to our doggy angels upContinue reading “Happy 3rd Birthday Becker! | A Dog’s Life”

Beach Bird Life On Lake Huron | Port Elgin

Cottage Life… sunrise and sunset with the beautiful birds on the water. Although these birds are quite beautiful and a pleasure to photograph, they are extremely dirty on the beaches. Thankfully once summer is in full swing the birds know they need to stay away and we are able to enjoy clean sand by theContinue reading “Beach Bird Life On Lake Huron | Port Elgin”