Apple Blossoms Growth | 2014

Growing up with apple trees in my parents back yard, although I loved to climb and run through the trees I never truly stopped to appreciate the beauty right before our own eyes. The tiny buds on the trees beginning to open, the flowers beginning to bloom. The beauty of new life. Now as anContinue reading “Apple Blossoms Growth | 2014”

The Spring Bloom | 2014 New Life. New Beginnings

There is something special about every season, especially when you are a photographer. Spring means new life, a brand new start, amazing possibilities. I love walking our property to see all the new flowers, buds on the trees, brand new trees growing and enjoy the birds singing. Tonight my lens of choice was the CanonContinue reading “The Spring Bloom | 2014 New Life. New Beginnings”

Impromptu Shots (Of Photographers Children) Are Sometimes The BEST!

Lets keep it real… its probably 50/50 for the times the kids wake up and actually get dressed on their own vs us telling them… over and over and over again. When they do we make sure we tell them how awesome they look (so they keep doing it πŸ˜‰ ). This morning, I cameContinue reading “Impromptu Shots (Of Photographers Children) Are Sometimes The BEST!”

Happy Mothers Day… to our Mom’s, Grama’s and Aunt’s!

On such a happy day… we will always have a tear of sadness forΒ  Mom Diane, who should be here with us and who we miss so very much XOXO. We are so lucky to have Mom in our life, so thankful to have you with us and our children and everyday we truly doContinue reading “Happy Mothers Day… to our Mom’s, Grama’s and Aunt’s!”

Watching my daughter grow…

I hear compliments, I hear stories, of how my daughter is my own mini me. I see her personality shine, her creativity flowing free. Everyday continues to amaze, Just how unique my girl is. Intelligent, energetic, a great imagination, My girl with so much love to give. In more ways than I could have everContinue reading “Watching my daughter grow…”