Getting out of the winter funk!

This winter has just dragged on and on and oooooooon….. Truth be told, I hadn’t even touched my camera in over a week… over a week – for ME! Last night my girl and I had an hour to ourselves, some sunshine streaming through the windows and the passion re-ignited. I hadn’t taken any ofContinue reading “Getting out of the winter funk!”

Date night with my littles … Savouring the little moments!

“Your Life As Photography” truly sums up MY life… captured in photos many of the moments I, and we spend together. After picking up the kids tonight I surprised them with their choice of restaurant for supper, of course little man suggested A&W and the little lady immediately agreed – to which little man repliedContinue reading “Date night with my littles … Savouring the little moments!”

Birthday Party FUN With Our Girl!

We had a great day celebrating our little miss with her friends and our family! So thankful for those of you who were able to make it to join us, means the world! Of course I had to capture the fun with some snaps! The photographer in me steps aside for party moments like theseContinue reading “Birthday Party FUN With Our Girl!”

Happy Birthday To My Sweet Girl!!!

My sweet little girl Madison, You were the most amazing and perfect surprise to complete our family! Each day that goes by I see you growing right before my eyes.I will never forget that moment, your brother just days away from being 10 months old and getting the call… YOU’RE PREGNANT! Although mommy was veryContinue reading “Happy Birthday To My Sweet Girl!!!”

This is what WINTER is in a small town! | Mount Forest

This past Friday a bunch of family met up in Toronto to go to the Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada. There is NO snow anywhere IN the city. Our aunt and uncle have a ground cover in their backyard, however the streets, nothing, downtown at the Aquarium NOT a flake! My uncle was joking that heContinue reading “This is what WINTER is in a small town! | Mount Forest”