I remember when the snow banks were as high as …

20140130-328C3222-WM, a photo by {Pamela Zmija Photography} on Flickr. With the crazy amount of snow we’ve gotten this month how could I not get a photo of my jeep in front of one… that was just slightly taller than it! Now I can tell the same story one day to my grand kids hat myContinue reading “I remember when the snow banks were as high as …”

The Calm After The Storm

This morning was just beautiful with gorgeous warm sunshine I couldn’t resist to getting outside with the kids and capturing some of the winter beauty. Ok yes it was incredibly cold, the wind felt like it was going through me as it whipped the snow around, I could barely feel my fingers as I snappedContinue reading “The Calm After The Storm”

If you see darkness, a beautiful picture is being prepared #BellLetsTalk

20120520-328C1311-2-Beautiful Pictures, a photo by {Pamela Zmija Photography} on Flickr. If you see darkness in your life, remember you are NOT alone. Depression can and does happen to everyone. You will be ok, if you talk, open up, don’t be afraid. Stop the mental health stigma and open our hearts!!! XOXO

The Polar Vortex Returns…

Just when we thought we had enough snow… the polar vortex returned! … and did it ever!!! It all began Friday night, thankfully my sis made it home safely, however not before my dad and hubby had to pull someone out of the ditch just down the road from our house. The drifts were incredibleContinue reading “The Polar Vortex Returns…”

Playing in the snow | Blizzard 2014

This morning the kids were SO happy to get outside and play before the bus arrived – I will admit this mama was too they needed to wear off some energy!!! I was SO happy the bus was late, very late, however they got to wear off a LOT of energy! They were finally offContinue reading “Playing in the snow | Blizzard 2014”