Why today is an important day… the day my entire life changed!

Today will always be a date I will remember. For both the great feelings and awful pain. A memory of my own battles over the years and also the strength these battles have given me. A reminder of how precious life truly is, and its surely not easy. The reality that there is no perfectContinue reading “Why today is an important day… the day my entire life changed!”

Christmas is on its way…

20131124-Christmas Card Photo-WM-4, a photo by {Pamela Zmija Photography} on Flickr. … And this mama is actually ahead of the season this year!Kids are almost done, with a very special touch by their mama, I have a fabulous gift in mind for my hubby just need to pick it up! Other family gifts are comingContinue reading “Christmas is on its way…”

Mini Paddy & Cheerleader | @mfpatriotsjrc

20131117-328C1521-WM, a photo by {Pamela Zmija Photography} on Flickr. Our little’s cheering on the Patriots this afternoon during their game to Hanover. The last period was crazy back and forth… so many close ones but Hanover managed to slide another goal in with only minutes left. As much as the boys tried, Hanover claimed theirContinue reading “Mini Paddy & Cheerleader | @mfpatriotsjrc”

Winter Sunset Sky | Photography

The other night I literally gasped walking out to my jeep. The sky was spectacular! As most photographer’s do (well those of us who do not have our camera with us… ) I quickly came home to grab my camera before picking the kids up. Was I ever glad I did… I made a fewContinue reading “Winter Sunset Sky | Photography”