Mother Knows Best

One feeling while being pregnant I will never forget is worrying if I would “do it right”, if I would know what was the right thing to do, if the baby was ok, what I should do etc… My wonderful female relatives and friends with kids just said “you’ll know”…

Well they were right – mother does know best!

I know my kids better than anyone else – Im also finding even better than the Doctors.

Of course no disrespect to any doctors out there. I personally have not had the best of luck with doctors for my own health and also my children. You have to push and by push it means hard. I learned this myself going through my own issues years ago, pushing to get answers, pushing to find someone local and I did, myself.

I am very thankful for the health care system we have in Canada, we truly are lucky – very lucky!

However its times like this where the actions of a physician directly affect my child negatively…

After waiting well over 5mths for a referral to a pediatrician for our son, I found out his family doctor didn’t even send in the referral…

I literally held my breath I was so angry I did not know what to say, nicely, so I said nothing.

I questioned the nurse how this could happen, the response was he is busy and forgot.

… Silence …

Im  getting good at biting my tongue. I was beyond angry by now and could feel my blood boiling. I am thankful my son is healthy, I am thankful my son does not have any life threatening illness. However the reason for our request to see a pediatrician is still very important and a very valid concern for his well being.



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