Its just not fair!!! Don’t live with regrets… live & love.

How many times has that come out of a child’s mouth… heck even as an adult I know Ive said it many times. Well in the years hubs and I have known each other – this has become a much too common statement… for us – because you know what life isn’t fair at times.Continue reading “Its just not fair!!! Don’t live with regrets… live & love.”

Celebrated World Photography Day … in my own backyard!

A few times this year Ive taken some time to walk around and truly take in the beauty of our own yard – flowers, grass, trees and yes even weeds – some are gorgeous! Last night in honour of World Photography Day, I did just that… wonder around and I was very pleased with theContinue reading “Celebrated World Photography Day … in my own backyard!”

Cottage Fun at Methuen Lake !

An older, yet very wise family member has been bugging, oops no reminding me πŸ˜‰ that I really need to share more of the photos I take. Flattered of course and I agree. I have thousands of photos on my computer… so now that photography is truly about ME and MY family/friends – I willContinue reading “Cottage Fun at Methuen Lake !”

Mount Forest Fireworks Festival!

Every year the kids look forward to the Fireworks Festival in our town… the 13th one this year and for the past couple years my kids have been SO proud to be featured in the advertising photography of the festival!!! The Mount Forest Patriots Jr C Team were selling cowboy hats, sun glasses and raffleContinue reading “Mount Forest Fireworks Festival!”

Friends and Childhood Memories

My kids are lucky to have some very good friends. Not only their friends, but friends of our entire family. Our boys became friends years ago, its almost weird to say that about my son – makes me feel old lol! Now even though they are not at the same schools , they are greatContinue reading “Friends and Childhood Memories”