Be in the moments, making memories!

Most times I am behind the camera. Its my passion. I have thousands of photos from the time we started dating to now. Being behind the camera makes it difficult to get in images to be in the moments. I’ve learned over time, my kids don’t remember what we wore, how we looked or whatContinue reading “Be in the moments, making memories!”

Siblings… family fun at the cottage

href=””>20130721-328C2586-WM, a photo by {Pamela Zmija Photography} on Flickr. My lil bro and sis. Both of them I am so proud of. I love how close we are and when we can all come together at the family cottage.

9 Years Ago… A wonderful woman we miss everyday!

9 years ago today, my husband and our family lost a very special woman in our lives. A wonderful woman who I loved so very much. Who I enjoyed spending time with and was excited to share with her our upcoming wedding. 9 years ago today, my husband’s mom passed away from a  crazy, emotionallyContinue reading “9 Years Ago… A wonderful woman we miss everyday!”