Family Fun – Summer Vacation | Life doesn’t stop for fun.

We all were quite excited for our road trip, just the four of us getting away to just have FUN!

We can all so easily get wrapped up in life, the daily requirements of kids, pets, home, work and everything in between. After dropping off our fur baby for his first ever stay at a kennel… I returned home to join the family in packing up the Jeep and heading off on our weekend getaway.

Life doesn’t stop.

No matter how much fun you want to have. I am the mom, I have to be the strong one, I was determined to hold it together for my kids to have the experience we were all so excited for! I hid my tears and kept myself busy and enjoyed every single moment we all shared in Niagara Falls and at Marine Land!!!


Last night was the first night I actually slept more than 3 hours in 3 nights, so photos from our trip have been a very slow progress. These are two of my favourites… self shot of course with the timer lol, our family above at the falls and our family before heading out for dinner! The kids were SO excited to stay at a hotel again, so I thought it was very fitting to see how relaxed they were 😉


More to come – we all had an absolute blast at Marine Land it was SO much fun!!!

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