Happy Father’s Day!

We spent an amazing weekend with our family (again!) 🙂

Wonderful Happy Fathers Day wishes to my hubby, my kids couldn’t ask for a better dad! To my father in law who raised an amazing man who I am proud to call my husband and so happy he is the father of my babies. Of course to my own dad, who has always been there for me no matter what, has taught me so many valuable life lessons and the importance of a hard days work (its not always easy working with family but the pros far out weigh the cons), that we are so much alike but can also work awesome together, that sometimes life wont always go as “planned” and those can be the most valuable life lessons (especially the most difficult), most of all who has taught me that family is everything and I am so honored to not only call him dad, but also my hubby to have him as his father in law and our children to have him as Granpa.

Of course to our wonderful family including uncles and our friends… a very happy day to you too!

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